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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new line of centrifugal fan, the BL-F97 and BL-B133, based on EC59 motors.  The EC59 motors used in these centrifugal fans are known for their high efficiency and reliability, making our fans efficient and durable.

The features of our BL-F97 and BL-B133 fans based on the EC59 motor include:

·High efficiency: The EC59 motors provide a high level of performance and low energy consumption, helping to reduce electricity costs and conserve resources. The maximum power of these fans is 40 W, making them cost-effective to operate.

·Reliability: The EC59 motors have a high level of reliability, ensuring stable and uninterrupted fan operation over a long period of time.

·Variable speed: Our BL-F97 and BL-B133 fans based on the EC59 motors have adjustable speed, allowing users to customize the fan operation according to their needs.

·Compact design: The fans have a compact design, making them suitable for various types of premises and interiors. Images of the BL-F97 and BL-B133 fans are provided below.

·Quiet operation: Fans based on EC59 motors have a low noise level, providing comfortable operation of the ventilation system.

These new centrifugal fans based on EC59 motors from Blauberg Motoren are advanced solutions for ventilation in various premises, providing high efficiency, reliability, variable speed, compact design, quiet operation, and easy installation and maintenance. We are pleased to offer these new fans to our customers and are confident that they will be an excellent choice for pumping air in various rooms.

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