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Determination of rotation direction and angle of centrifugal fans

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Regardless of the type of centrifugal fan, after reasonable calculation of a series of parameters such as air volume and pressure, it can be applied to ventilation, exhaust, and cooling in environmental engineering, household appliances, cooling towers, construction sites, tunnels, and other places. It can also be used for industrial boiler induced draft and other work. In order to fully utilize the performance of centrifugal fans, it is necessary to install them correctly.

The installation position and direction of centrifugal fans mainly depend on the environmental conditions in which they are located, and the direction of centrifugal fans is divided into clockwise and counterclockwise. The correct direction judgment is usually based on the tail position of the motor

When standing at the inlet position of the centrifugal fan, if the blade impeller rotates clockwise, then it is in a clockwise direction; On the contrary, if it rotates counterclockwise, then it is in a counterclockwise direction. Similarly, when standing at the rear of the motor, if the impeller rotates to the right, it also rotates clockwise; If the impeller rotates to the left, then it rotates counterclockwise. The direction judgment is based on the position of the motor tail. If the air outlet is close to the ground, it is 0 °; Vertical upward is 90 °; The air outlet is parallel to the ground at 180 °, and other angles can be determined based on the principle of increase or decrease.

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