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Centrifugal Fans with Support Bracket

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Duct Fan, Axial Fan. EC Fan, Blower, Backward Curved, Centrifugal Fans with Support Bracket

Blauberg centrifugal fan with bracket, metal rivet structure or welded integrated plastic glass fiber reinforced pneumatic impeller, compact energy saving intelligent EC motor drive, maintenance-free ball bearings, easy installation, vibration resistance, strong bracket design
Ensure stable and quiet operation of the fan, the maximum "η" efficiency up to 55%, to meet the requirements of customers in the ventilation, heating, cooling products or systems ErP instructions. The fan can be installed in all directions and has a variety of fan net covers and panels. The law and reason of flow loss caused by pressure distortion of rotor and stator are analyzed. Full series of centrifugal bracket fans can provide AC/DC power, integrated intelligent EC technology motor, internal or external international standard remote control R485 communication protocol, Suitable for IoE (Internet of Everything), IoT (Internet of Things), smart home systems, Industry 4.0 and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality and climate change by reducing customers' carbon footprint.
PFC (power factor correction), up to λ> 96%, can be used for power gradient stabilization compliance in some applications. Compliance with ErP2015 (Energy-related products), Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 327/2011 of 30 March 2011
Council Directive 2009/125/EC on eco-design requirements for fans driven by motors with input power between 30 W and 700 W.
● Impeller size: from the minimum 133mm to 450mm diameter;
● Maximum noise: from 60dBA to 93dBA according to different rotational speeds;
Air volume: up to 3,943m³/h,
● Wind pressure: up to 1,000Pa;
● Power: When the motor diameter is 102mm, the maximum motor input power reaches 700W.

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