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Introduction of fan application field

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BLAUBERG smart and low power consumptions air-moving motorized fans with broaden product and relative accessory portfolio are serving customers at industrial, commercial and domestic ventilations, all kinds of home appliances, HVAC, and automotive industries, telecommunication industries, hygiene industries, etc.With our rhythm of life is getting faster day by day, more and more warming up life scene accompany cooling down requirements to keep it going on. More than 200 BLAUBERG motor and EC fan products are using in these circumstances even without notice of consumers, because its technical features of silence, reliable, economic operating power consumption, compact size, outstanding quality, maintenance free in entire product life cycle, furthermore degradable raw material of components guarantee earth and water eco-friendly during scrapped process after end of project life cycle.
We tried to summarize and classify it in ten applications for your convenience as follow:
1,Ventilation & Purification
2,Air Conditioning
3,Freezer : Cold Storage and Cold Chain
4, IT & Electronic Industry
5,Medical Industry
7,Automobile Industry
8,Household Electric Appliances
9,Cloud Date Center
10, Mechanical Equipment and Systems

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