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Introducing Blauberg Motoren IE3 Induction Motors

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Hello, everyone! 

Do you remember our AR series plug fans? And do you remember that its highly efficient operation is ensured by the Blauberg Motoren IE3 motor? Today we offer you to get to know it better! 

Three-phase asynchronous IE3 motors consist of two main components: a stator and a rotor. The stator is the fixed part of the motor. The stator has a core and excitation windings. The stator of 3-phase induction motors has a separate winding for each 3 phases. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor. There is winding in the rotors of the slip-ring asynchronous motors, and short-circuited bars in the rotor of the squirrel-cage asynchronous motors. The squirrel-cage induction motor is a type of induction motor most commonly used in industrial installations. 

In asynchronous IE3 motors, the frequency of the rotating field created in the air gap and the rotation frequency of the rotor are not the same. These motors are called asynchronous for this reason. The frequency of the rotating field in the air gap depends on the motor’s feed frequency and the number of poles, and does not change with the motor’s load, but the rotation frequency of the rotor varies according to the load. As the load increases in the motor operation area, the motor rotation speed decreases, and as the load decreases, the motor rotation speed increases. The motor rotation speed is the highest in idle mode. The motor rotation speed of an asynchronous motor in the motor operation area cannot exceed the rotation speed of the rotating field. 

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