External rotor motor heat dissipation structure

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The rotor shell of the motor on the market is generally a closed design, and the design of this structure is not conducive to the heat generated by the scattered generator during operation, so that the temperature rise of the motor stator rises, thereby reducing the service life of the motor. Blauberg has developed an external rotor motor housing with a heat dissipation structure that can dissipate the heat generated by the generator during operation, reduce the temperature rise of the motor components, and prolong the service life of the motor. Blauberg centrifugal fans use this external rotor motor.

In order to be able to dissipate the heat generated during the operation of the generator, the outer rotor motor shell, as a whole, is cylindrical, and the inner side of the rotor shell is provided with a magnetic yoke, and the first bearing and the second bearing are arranged in the center shaft position of the rotor shell, the stator core is provided in the cavity between the first bearing and the second bearing, and the outside of the stator core is molded, thus forming a plastic stator.

Then between the second bearing and the lower housing of the rotor housing there is a tapered elastic pad, the tapered elastic pad is set around the central axis, the cross-section is "<", and can apply a certain elastic force to the second bearing, further in the upper part of the rotor housing is provided with a cover, and at the bottom of the rotor housing are arranged in a clockwise direction.

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