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Automobile Industry

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Blauberg centrifugal fan are suitable for Automobile Industry. Automobile refers to a vehicle driven by power and loaded on non track with 4 or more wheels, which is mainly used to carry people and / or goods; Towing vehicles carrying personnel and / or goods; Special purpose. Automobiles can be divided into "passenger cars" and "commercial vehicles": (1) passenger cars are mainly used to carry passengers and their carry on luggage and / or temporary items in terms of their design and technical characteristics. Passenger cars, including driver's seats, have no more than 9 seats at most. Passenger cars are divided into the following 11 types. They mainly include: ordinary passenger cars, convertible top passenger cars, premium passenger cars, small passenger cars, convertibles, cabin back passenger cars, station wagons, multipurpose passenger cars, short head passenger cars, off-road passenger cars and special passenger cars. (2) Commercial vehicles are designed and technically designed to transport people and goods, and can tow trailers, but passenger vehicles are not included. Mainly including: passenger cars, semi-trailer tractors and trucks.
In recent years, the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles. All countries are taking this change by formulating a specific timetable for new energy vehicles to replace fuel vehicles. BLAUBERG closely follows the development of new energy vehicles, actively cooperates with customers in the automotive industry, and uses existing EC technology to develop and produce thermal control and air transmission components, including axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, cross flow fans used in different parts of the vehicle, so as to achieve optimal electronic component cooling and passenger air conditioning, and operate efficiently and quietly in a compact space:
– provide the most comfortable sitting experience for the seat and seat back through the ventilators;
– manage the operation of the fan through sensitive sensors, and can perform excellent air temperature regulation, filtration and purification in the vehicle;
– multiple models of axial flow and centrifugal fans provide strong and reliable support for the cooling of automotive electronic components with stringent requirements;
– a good helper for heat dissipation of LED headlights.
BLAUBERG EC fans was popularly adopted by below automotive industry sub-units and systems:
-Seat Ventilation
-Roof Ventilation and Air Conditioning
- On-board Purifier
-Cooling of Electronic Components
-Temperature Control
-LED Light Cooling

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