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AHU Fan Selection Parameters and Applications

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The AHU air handling unit mainly relies on the rotation of fans to drive indoor (outdoor) air to exchange heat with the internal coils of the unit, and filter impurities in the air to maintain indoor temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness by controlling the outlet temperature and air volume. The AHU air handling unit can not only handle indoor air index (return air condition), but also introduce fresh air from the outside for processing (fresh air condition).

Air Handling Units (AHUs) are mainly used in data centers, pharmaceutical industries, instruments, electronics, hospitals, and various commercial buildings.

Advantages of EC fans in AHU application:

·Impeller runs quietly

·Plug and play, compact design, convenient installation

·EC motors have a long lifespan, are sturdy and durable, and are efficient and energy-saving

·Stepless speed regulation achieved through 0-10V DC/PWM control signal or MODBUS

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